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from insanic import Insanic
from insanic.connections import get_connection

from infuse.breaker.storages import CircuitAioRedisStorage
from infuse.patch import patch

[docs]class Infuse: @classmethod def load_config(cls, app: Insanic) -> None: from . import config for c in dir(config): if c.isupper(): conf = getattr(config, c) if c == "INFUSE_CACHES": app.config.INSANIC_CACHES.update(conf) elif not hasattr(app.config, c): setattr(app.config, c, conf) @classmethod def attach_listeners(cls, app: Insanic) -> None: @app.listener("after_server_start") async def after_server_start_half_open_circuit( app, loop=None, **kwargs ): redis = await get_connection("infuse") conn = await redis namespace = app.config.INFUSE_REDIS_KEY_NAMESPACE_TEMPLATE.format( env=app.config.ENVIRONMENT, service_name=app.config.SERVICE_NAME ) await CircuitAioRedisStorage.initialize( state=app.config.INFUSE_INITIAL_CIRCUIT_STATE, redis_object=conn, namespace=namespace, )
[docs] @classmethod def init_app(cls, app: Insanic) -> None: """ The initial entrypoint to initialize Infuse. #. Loads Infuse specific configurations #. Attaches a listener to change state to value defined in :code:`INFUSE_INITIAL_STATE`. #. Patches the Service object that handles circuit state when sending requests to other services. """ cls.load_config(app) cls.attach_listeners(app) patch() if hasattr(app, "plugin_initialized"): app.plugin_initialized("infuse", cls)