Patched Areas

This is arguably the reason why you would want to use Infuse.

Currently, Infuse wraps two methods in Insanic’s Service object.

  1. _dispatch_future

    • The private method that prepares and post processes the inter service communications

  2. _dispatch_send

    • The private method that actually sends the request with httpx.


The wrapping of this method is really crucial to the functionality of the circuit breaker. However, there is a reason that this needed to be done.

For some requests, there are instances where you do not want to break even on failure. So want infuse does is that it allows you to bypass the circuit breaking functionality of Infuse by sending in an extra keyword, skip_breaker.

The wrapped _dispatch_future flags the request as non-breaking and just calls the _dispatch_send downstream.


from insanic.loading import get_service

service = get_service('some_service')

response = await service.http_dispatch(


This is where the circuit breaking logic wraps the service method.

Within this decorator, a separate circuit breaking object is created for each service and calls _dispatch_send after checking that the status of the target service is CLOSED or at least HALF-OPEN.

If Infuse deems it unsuitable to send a request, it will raise an CircuitBreakerError.

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