Infuse provides some configurations that can been used to tweak the behavior of the circuit breaker.



Will only need 1 cache connection “infuse”. This should generally be the same for all application in your architecture because other services will need to know if a service is unavailable.


A time in seconds where the breaker retries the call when the breaker has been OPEN ed. After this time, the next call will go through. If failed, will OPEN the circuit and this timeout will need to pass again before another attempt.


The number of failures before the circuit is OPEN ed. Once the number has been reached, the circuit will switch to OPEN.


This is used when the application first starts. In Sanic’s “after_server_start” listener, the state is changed to this value regardless of what it’s current value is. Might be useful to set it to either half-open or closed so other services can attempt to send requests to it.


This is used when the state can not be retrieved from the defined storage. For example, when redis is down.


This should be a list of string paths to pybreaker’s listeners. Please refer to pybreaker’s event listening readme for how to implement these.


These listeners are different from sanic’s or insanic’s listeners.


These are a list of string paths to the exceptions that should not increment the fail counter when raised. Default is


If you want to add other exceptions, you should also include because otherwise, even 400 level client errors will also increment the counter.

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